Balancing Machines

The development and manufacturing of rotors for precision equipment requires high quality dynamic balancing technology that prevents vibration at high speed rotation. This is so for all industries, including gas and oil industry, automotive industry, mining industry, cement industry, machine tool manufacturers, pump and fan manufacturers, turbo manufacturers, textile machinery, aviation, electric motor industry, medical technology, general industry, air-conditioner, paper industry. printing industry.
PRG designs and manufactures balancing machines suitable for any type of rotor with manual or automatic correction of the unbalance.PRG dynamic balancing machines provide the critical data necessary for eliminating balance problems and creating precisely balanced rotors.
PRG provides:
  • Horizontal balancing machines;
  • Vertical balancing machines;
  • Balancing machines for special purpose.

Horizontal Balancing Machine: Model HPHB4T

Horizontal Balancing Machine: Model HCSB500

Gyro Balancing Machine: Model HTSB10

Gyro Balancing Machine: Model HTSB5

Vertical Balancing Machine: Model VS300

Vertical Balancing Machine: Model VSB10

Automatic Vertical Balancing Machine: Model VSCNV15

Dena Monitoring System

Relative Velocity Vibration Peak Up: Model P-44

Absolute Velocity Vibration Peak up: Model P-77

Horizontal Balancing Machine: Model HTHB4T

Horizontal Balancing Machine (for drive shafts): Model HCGU3

Horizontal Balancing Machine (for drive shafts): Model HPGU3

Gyro Balancing Machine: Model HCHB50

Horizontal Balance Machine: Model HPHB50