On-site balancing services

PRG offers on-site balancing services when unbalance is required to be corrected at site. On -site balancing helps you to identify an unbalance simply and accurately and to correct it with the minimum effort.

The main advantage of on-site balance is cost savings in removal, transport, and assembly bench execution of large rotors or weights or where the installed rotors are inaccessible requiring cranes or other hazardous operations.

It also saves break-down time, cost, and production loss, which otherwise would result if the rotors are sent to balancing service center.

Typical equipment / components that are balanced on-site include:

  • Pulleys and rollers
  • Couplings
  • Pump impellers
  • Blowers and fans
  • Large rotors

Typical industries utilizing our on-site balancing services are:

  • Gas & oil industry
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Cement Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Power Utilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Steel Mills
  • Manufacturing Sector

PRG offers services to wide spectrum of private and government industries – from small local manufacturers to large companies.