Horizontal Balancing Machine (for drive shafts): Model HCGU3

This machine is suitable for balancing all types of heavy duty industrial and automotive gardens in two or three pages.

Advantages at a glance

  • 3 planes unbalancing vectors simultaneously by one time reading
  • Capable to compensate fixture unbalance
  • No interference of planes to each other (lower than %0.5)
  • High natural frequency (more than 200 Hertz)
  • Easy loading and uploading of parts
  • Capable to install balance weight addition system
  • Capability of Balancing operation on soft bearing mode
  • Balancing accuracy of reduction ratio URR>%98
  • Capability of Balancing operation in two planes & three planes
  • Velocity vibration peak up
  • Automatic angel detector
  • Capability of normal & index balancing
  • Applicable for installation on light foundations

Technical data

Other impressive features